We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on 4th September 2024.


B+ Points

What are B+ points?

B+ are like merits, when a student has done something well or has gone above and beyond in a task, staff may award them with a B+ point. B+ points recognise positive behaviour in order to celebrate and create social norms of behaving well.
What are B- points?

B- are recorded to track Low level disruption and organisation.
What are the aims of these points?

As they are recorded in real time during lessons by staff, it shows an outline of how a student's day is going.

They are shared with tutors daily in order to celebrate student achievements and hard work or to discuss behaviour or equipment or uniform concerns.

They are reviewed by the Learning Leader fortnightly and can contribute to Rewards Trips!
Praise Texts

Praise texts are given for exceptional work and reward students for going beyond expectations in lessons or over a period of lessons. Recorded as near to real time as possible. Praise texts will be sent on the day they are recorded and tutors will have the information available in real time.


Learning Leader / Headteacher's Commendations

Certificates to reward constantly outstanding work. Staff nominate students to the Learning Leaders through email who award certificates during assemblies throughout the year.