Year 9 Options Evening - Tuesday, 23 April 2024, between 6.00pm – 7.30pm!


  • Students develop understanding and appreciation of the creative arts in modern culture and history.
  • Students develop subject-specific skills and use technology to express their personal response to a creative stimulus.
  • Students investigate techniques used by artists, photographers and musicians from different times, places and cultures, and present their own work in response to this knowledge.
  • Students are entitled to be inspired by the artform being studied, and challenged to create their best personal response to it.
  • Students develop empathy and respect for others through study of art forms from differing times, places and cultures.
  • Students have the opportunity to showcase their work, for example in performance, exhibition or virtual platforms.
  • Students understand their individual creative journey and where this could lead them at post-sixteen and careers.

Photography is also known as multimedia and begins in Year 9. This is an endorsed, specialist option which gives students the opportunity to produce practical work in a range of styles including theme-based photography (portrait, landscape, still-life, reportage), documentary photography, photo-journalism, narrative photography and experimental imagery using media technologies and image manipulation.