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Safeguarding including Child Protection
No child can learn to their potential without feeling safe and secure, valued, heard and trusted. At The Roseland Academy, we strive to meet these needs so that our students can learn to the very best of their ability.

The term Safeguarding refers to students’ physical and mental health; their well-being at home and in school, and their safety on line.

The Roseland Academy works hard to ensure every student receives quality information, advice and guidance around their online behaviours and how to keep themselves safe online. We work in partnership with parents by running family learning evenings on this topic. This means that parents can feel prepared to undertake their responsibilities in online safety at home and on their children’s mobile devices.

Safeguarding also includes health and safety on the school premises, and there are risk assessments in place for this. This includes both lessons and school trips.

Safeguarding covers all aspects of life in school. We have a strict visitor policy and signing in procedures for anyone who needs to be on the school premises; this includes sharing our Tier 1 Safeguarding leaflet, which can be found here. All staff working in school are subject to an enhanced DBS certificate, if working alone with students. All other adults are accompanied while on school premises and all visitors are identifiable to staff and students. Further information can be found in our visitor’s leaflet, here.

Child protection is just one part of the Safeguarding tasks in school. This is the responsibility all staff through clear monitoring and reporting procedures.

The safeguarding team includes Mr Ashwin, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Tame and Miss Blackwell who meet weekly to discuss this aspect of the school’s work. The Leadership Team are also trained to Child Protection Tier 3.

Our Safeguarding Trustee, Mr. Nigel Hyde, is an important ‘Critical Friend’ and as a fellow professional, is available to offer advice and support as necessary.

Working in partnership with parents and others in the community is imperative to making Safeguarding possible. Like all partnerships, sometimes we have to challenge each other. We take parental contact very seriously and will share information appropriately with parents to help affect positive change for the young people in our care.

In some cases, we may need to tell you that we have identified a concern which means that we need to seek support for your family from an outside agency, such as the Early Help Hub team, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team or Social Care. Whilst this sometimes can initially worry a family, we will always work with you to implement a plan of support for everyone involved, that leads to a positive resolution to the problem.

We encourage all adults to take responsibility for children’s safety in our communities and to report concerns to the school and to the MARU (Multiagency Referral Unit) on 0300 123 1116. This number can also be used to seek advice and guidance.

Students are also taught explicitly about various health and child protection risks and ways to keep themselves safe through the PSHE programmes and in lessons themselves. This includes the teaching of explicit British values such as tolerance of difference and the rule of democracy. An environment which supports and applies these values is much more likely to meet students’ social and emotional needs. (British Values statement).

Safeguarding has its own separate policy (found in our policies section) and staff are trained and undated in behaviours to increase outstanding safeguarding procedures yearly and when there is a significant update.

If you have any comments about Safeguarding at The Roseland Academy you can contact Mr Andy Ashwin  or the Safeguarding Team on 01872 530675 or email: wellbeing@theroseland.co.uk
How can I keep my child safe?

Operation Encompass

The Roseland Academy is part of Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a Police and Education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people exposed to domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is the reporting to schools before the start of the next school day when a child or young person has been involved or exposed to a domestic abuse incident the previous evening.

The information is given in strict confidence to a school’s Key Adult to enable support to be given dependent on the needs and wishes of the child.

Operation Encompass is a Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive charity. We acknowledge and understand the impact of Domestic Abuse as an Adverse Childhood Experience.

Operation Encompass mitigates against the damaged caused by exposure to Domestic Abuse and other ACE’s

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