We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on 4th September 2024.

Product Design

Year 7 students are introduced to workshop safety and use of PPE. The safe use of tools and machinery in the workshop environment. They are taught about tools and materials and how to select these appropriately. Students respond to a brief and demonstrate their presentation skills in their design work as well as gaining skills in using a bench hook, bench vice and G clamp. They carry out evaluations and make improvements to refine their outcomes.

Year 8 study visual communication skills. They gain an understanding of Techsoft 2D Design V2 and the use of a plotter and laser cutter as well as pewter casting skills and the property of the materials. They are introduced to Computer Aided Design and manufacture and the advantages and disadvantages associated with this. Presentation skills continue to be developed throughout this unit.

Year 9 students carry out analysis of existing products to help with responding to a design brief and specification. They consider the target market; aesthetics and anthropometrics before writing their own brief and specification. In order to generate design ideas they are taught 3D drawing skills and model and test their ideas before the practical making task. Within this they will select appropriate materials and processes to achieve the desired finish.