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Media Studies teaches students to be actively critical of the world around us and to question the messages and meaning evoked by the media infiltrating all aspects of everyday life. We use the four key concepts of Media to deconstruct what ideas are conveyed through Media texts, to analyse how and evaluate why this may be. Through analysing Media language, questioning the industry or institution behind a text, scrutinising the audience and representation of different groups, students can unlock this powerful mode of communication and unpick how meanings and perceptions of the world are shaped. Students are also challenged to create Media, aiming to build their creative, organisation and literacy skills to a professional standard.

It seems that the mass media not only reflect our attitudes and values, they also help to shape them. How they do that, why they do that, and the effect that has on individuals, communities and cultures, are issues at the heart of Media Studies.

At GCSE, students study the Media through the lens of four key concepts: Media Language, Audiences, Industry and Representation. Within this framework, we learn a range of specific case studies. These close study products enable students to analyse a range of Media forms in detail.

Students’ knowledge is assessed through two exams and a Non-Exam Assessment, which requires the student to create convincing Media texts - putting their Media knowledge into practise!