We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on 4th September 2024.


English enables students to articulate themselves clearly and creatively, unlocking their potential to communicate effectively, express their ideas and develop their confidence to use the spoken and written word.

In English, we concentrate on four key skills that are essential for all learning and life: reading carefully, writing fluently and accurately, speaking clearly and listening closely. Students read classic and contemporary prose, drama and poetry from Britain and around the world. They look closely at the ways in which writers use language and explore the big, moral questions that texts may raise. Students focus on developing their ability to learn independently, think critically and approach their examinations with confidence.

KS3 English

Students are introduced to a wide range of genres and types of literature, and they are encouraged to form their own opinions about texts. Students learn how to get more out of their reading at this age, uncovering different layers of meaning and understanding how writing can be open to different interpretations. They appreciate the full scope and richness of complete novels, plays and poems as well as high quality non-fiction texts. Students are taught how to identify evidence from a text to support their ideas, as well as how to structure analytical commentaries.

At Key Stage 3 students read a diverse range of plays, poems and books (both fiction and non-fiction) including:

  • a Shakespeare play each year,
  • plays by other important playwrights,
  • works of fiction and poetry from different times - including both writers from pre-1914 and contemporary British writers,
  • drama, fiction and poetry by writers from different cultures,
  • a rich range of non-fiction writing (for example, diaries, travel writing and comment articles).

As soon as students begin in Year 7, we encourage them to discuss their ideas with others and to present their ideas in a variety of contexts, to strengthen their skills of oracy. Being able to communicate with confidence is a vital skill - this is celebrated across our curriculum.