Year 9 Options Evening - Tuesday, 23 April 2024, between 6.00pm – 7.30pm!

Family Learning

The exchange of information and sharing specific ideas about how to support a child in their education between home and school is extremely important to us at The Roseland Academy.

Throughout the Academic Year, we host several Family Learning Sessions, each tailored to specific year groups on how we can foster independence and resilience through our work in the classroom and beyond, and to share with you all the key aspects and events contributing to your child’s learning more closely which will provide you with more details and practical help that will enable your son/daughter to be successful.

The evenings consist of setting up as a Google Guardian to support with Homework and Classwork, Independent Studying, Preparation for Exams and many more.

Our Family Learning approach has been highly successful and has so far proved that attending these evenings are of paramount importance in the development of home and school collaboration as well as ensuring your child’s success in The Roseland Academy and beyond.