We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on 4th September 2024.


  • Students develop understanding and appreciation of the creative arts in modern culture and history.
  • Students develop subject-specific skills and use technology to express their personal response to a creative stimulus.
  • Students investigate techniques used by artists, photographers and musicians from different times, places and cultures, and present their own work in response to this knowledge.
  • Students are entitled to be inspired by the artform being studied, and challenged to create their best personal response to it.
  • Students develop empathy and respect for others through study of art forms from differing times, places and cultures.
  • Students have the opportunity to showcase their work, for example in performance, exhibition or virtual platforms.
  • Students understand their individual creative journey and where this could lead them at post-sixteen and careers.

GCSE Music enables those students with a particular passion for music to continue developing their skills and knowledge. The course includes the core disciplines of performing, composing and understanding/appraising. There is an extremely broad range of styles covered: from the Western classical tradition, though jazz/blues, world music, to modern styles of popular music.
Students can perform and compose music in any style. This means everyone can develop in their own unique way, and achieve results which truly reflect each student’s maximum potential.

We have been honoured in recent years to be recognised nationally by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) for our outstanding GCSE Music results.