Good luck to the Year 11s for the last couple of weeks of exams!

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE at The Roseland provides students with opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge needed to keep themselves safe and make informed choices, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of life after school. Students will develop an age-appropriate understanding relating to the six core themes: careers, education, equality and diversity, relationships, health and wellbeing, staying safe online and offline and rights, responsibilities and British values.

Critical issues are sensitively discussed, teaching students how to be empathetic and demonstrate kindness whilst developing their honesty and integrity. The curriculum has been developed in line with the Relationships, Sex and Health Education government statutory guidance (2020) and the PSHE Association.

PSHE is delivered through:

  • Bespoke curriculum lessons at KS3
  • PSHE curriculum days at KS4
  • Extra curricular events and activities through the year
  • Students also have access to a wealth of external speakers throughout their PSHE journey, including: Brook, Barnardos, Devon and Cornwall Police, Yzup and Kooth
The curriculum will support the safeguarding of students. By exploring content around consent, domestic abuse and mental health, students will develop their ability to safeguard themselves and protect their emotional wellbeing.

Our PSHE provision aims to:

  • Develop students’ confidence in sharing their own thoughts and opinions
  • Develop skills and attributes to keep themselves healthy and safe
  • Develop an attitude of a responsible and considerate global citizen
  • Build positive, respectful relationships with other people
  • Equip students with the skills to support them during life’s challenges
Year 7:
Term 1A Welcome to the Roseland 
Term 1B Online and offline safety 
Term 2A Celebrating differences 
Term 2B Puberty and body development 
Term 3A Positive relationships 
Term 3B Careers education and financial decision making 
Year 8:
Term 1A Enterprise and essential skills  
Term 1B Exploring drugs and alcohol 
Term 2A Exploring discrimination 
Term 2B Physical and mental wellbeing 
Term 3A Identity and relationships 
Term 3B Law, crime and society 
Year 9:
Term 1A My future and financial awareness 
Term 1B Can I deliver first aid effectively?
Term 2A Barnardos: Healthy Relationships Programme
Term 2B Body confidence and emotional wellbeing 
Term 3A STIs and consent
Term 3B Different families/relationships