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Respect for Each Other

Everyone has the right to feel happy, safe and secure whilst they are at school.

No one has the right to make someone else feel unhappy, threatened, harassed or excluded for any reason. This includes outside of school, and whilst online.

Bullying is behaviour that hurts someone else. It includes name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone. It can happen directly or via social networks, gaming and mobile phones.

It is also unacceptable to make inappropriate or personal comments about someone else’s appearance, either to the same or opposite gender to you or to ask for personal information or pictures or images of someone else.

We respect each others personal space, and do not act in ways that make others uncomfortable. We need to be especially aware of this when we are in groups.
Collective Responsibility

Unacceptable behaviour to others can happen at any time. It is all of our responsibility to show those who think they can treat others in this way that it will not be accepted or allowed at The Roseland Academy.

If you have seen someone who you think has been treated badly, unfairly or may be being bullied, it is not OK to do nothing. It may not be easy to do something at the time, but afterwards you can check how the person is. You must definitely tell a member of staff, ideally your tutor or a teacher. You can also talk to the wellbeing team or Base.

You can also report an incident or concern directly to Base using the link below. It is likely that once it is received someone will then talk to you about the incident.