We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on 4th September 2024.


The BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technologies builds on the digital literacy of Key Stage 3 and prepares students for work in the ever growing global digital industry.

Digital skills span all industries, and almost all jobs in the UK today require employees to have a good level of digital literacy. The UK Tech industry as a whole employs over 2.93 million people and saw a 40% growth between 2017-2019. The modern world expects digital skills to be as important as English and Maths. Having both technical skills and business understanding is the key to success.

Students will be given the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. Students will develop key skills, such as user interface (UI) design and development and learn how to develop a project plan for your own UI designs.

Everyone taking this qualification will study three components, covering the following content areas:

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX), are design elements that are intertwined and are critical aspects of any software, app, or website. Understanding how UI and UX is planned and developed can introduce you to concepts of human/computer interactions (HCI), human psychology, and marketing and design principles. You will develop an understanding of UI UX.

IT project management, which is often implemented to introduce technological improvements by rolling out change projects. Understanding how projects are structured is of vital importance. This qualification will enable you to use project-planning tools, models and techniques within a digital context.

Cloud Computing is an important computing concept to grasp in today’s web based connected world. You will understand how computers are networked online and use web based services to improve data security and manage the costs of handling large volumes of data.