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For a detailed breakdown of all school events for the week ahead, including all revision and extra-curricular events, please download our latest weekly bulletin.
Week A: Blue Jumpers - Dining Hall; Black Jumpers - Covered Court. Week B: Blue Jumpers - Covered Court; Black Jumpers - Dining Hall

The Roseland Academy

Schools within The Roseland Multi-Academy Trust work together on a wide range of developmental projects which innovate, develop and improve standards and opportunities for students of all three schools. As of 2016, The Roseland Academy is the highest performing state school in Cornwall, and one of the leading schools in the South West. With a fantastic team of staff, we nurture, challenge and inspire every child to reach their potential. We are an aspirational school that provides a broad and balanced curriculum matched to our students' needs. We achieve academic success as well as developing students' emotional and social wellbeing through an exciting and varied school programme.
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy11 hours ago
Thank you for your continued fantastic efforts in engaging with the tutor safeguarding sessions again last week. You are incredible.

The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy4 days ago
Another fantastic week - well done all.
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy4 days ago
NEW! Music Workshops & Creative Activities available now - visit Roseland Arts Café for details!

As well as hosting our online gallery, please remember that our virtual Roseland Arts Café is regularly updated with a wide range of creative and performing arts activities open to students this term!

Today's listings include a new virtual 'Zoom Boom Band' music project, Rock Choir singing workshops for half-term, an 'Introduction to Songwriting' course, music & video games after-school clubs, a rap and spoken word masterclass with rapper Megan Chapman, free reads from the Oak Academy virtual library, and masterclasses for young writers with local Cornish authors - please visit the Arts Café to view more details on the link below:
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy5 days ago
Ms Freckelton's Year 7 English Class have been writing poems about diversity this week and we've had some amazing work submitted.

Below is Thomas' poem titled 'We Are United'

"We are United

1 planet
7 continents
195 countries
7000 languages
7.6 billion people
We all have something to give.

No matter if we use French, German, Spanish, Portuguese,
English or Mandarin.
Whatever language we speak we are united.

Some people's jobs might take them to the skies or down underground, far away or close to home.
We need them all.

We might be black, we might be white,
we could be tall, small, young or old, male or female,
We might like rice, burgers, spices or bread
But we are united.

We are different on the outside and inside
We all have something to give."

Well done Thomas!
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy5 days ago
Rocky update!

Rocky has been busy at home so far this week, getting ready to go into The Roseland again soon.

He has enjoyed exploring the beach and nearby woods, getting used to the different sights, smells and sounds.

He has also been relaxing at home and watching his new favourite TV programme.
The Roseland Academy
The Roseland Academy6 days ago
Cornwall College has many upcoming virtual events.