Remote Learning FAQs

Will work be set over the Easter Holidays?

Tasks are not currently planned to be set over school holidays. However your child is free to plan their own schedule to work then if they would like.

What happens if class teachers become ill?

If your child’s teacher becomes ill, they will not be expected to set work for your child and they will not respond to emails. We are hopeful that this will be a rarity but know that you will understand that in this current climate, we may not be able to cover the workload of that member of staff. This therefore means there may be a period of time when work is not set for the subjects taught by that teacher. However, we are working hard to eliminate this being an issue and it is the reason why we are setting work in one week blocks, in the hope that our students are never without work. 

Does my children have to do the work inline with the timetable e.g. they have double English on a Friday so English work is done on a Friday? 

No, this is not necessary. A similar number of hours work will be set for each subject each week to match their timetables, but students can plan when they want to complete it. We understand that access to resources might not fit in perfectly with our school timetable. Creating a schedule at home would be really useful once we all get used to working in this new way. This will give students the structure they need to plan work, develop good working habits and be successful.

I can see a post on Google Classroom but not the work, where do I find it? 

Click on the classwork tab highlighted below to see the work set. 

The links below will also be really helpful!

How to join classes –

Student support –

Will my child get in trouble if they don’t complete the work by the deadline set? 

No. We understand that your child may need to adapt to the family situation and facilities. We want to maintain contact with all of our students and that is why we will be checking to see how they are getting on with the work set. If your child is struggling with anything set, we encourage them to ask for support from their teachers as they will offer guidance in many different forms; they may email, record a video, make a video call via Google Meets or adapt the work to suit the needs of your child. If your child is unwell and therefore unable to complete school work, just let us know. 

Lots of subjects are referring to Week 1 – what are the dates for this? 

Week 1 runs up until March 27. Some subjects will use weekly headings for larger topics to help students keep track. Week 2 will be after the Easter holidays Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th. 

Can we have a suggested outline?

Students could use their planner as a start point for planning school work. The planner gives an outline of the school day if they want to stick to this and has the lessons they would have had on that day for a start point. 

Blank planner-weekend


Blank planner- weekday

How will my child’s teachers know that the work has been done? 

For many of the online learning platforms, such as Tassomai, Hegartymaths or Seneca, your child’s teacher will be able to track their engagement with the work as it will be automatically updated as they complete it. For tasks set through Google Classroom, most of the subjects have created ‘working from home’ documents where again, teachers can see the student work live as they type or assignments that are ‘handed in’ online when complete. 

Where a paper based task was set, it would be helpful if the student could take a photo of their work and upload to the classroom. Keeping one document per subject, which gets added to each time a piece of work is completed, will help teachers and students to keep a track of classwork.

Can I contact my child’s teacher directly? 

Yes you can, just use the teacher’s Roseland email address or contact through the classroom. You can also contact the learning leaders of year 7 and 8, Year 9 and 10 or year 11 if you have any whole school questions you can contact 

You can also become a Google Guardian (if you are not already) and be sent weekly email updates from google classroom on what work has been set and which deadlines are coming up. For more information on becoming a google guardian contact 

What do I do if my child struggles with the work and I can’t help them? 

Your child can either post a comment on the Google Classroom or email their teacher directly during school hours. Encourage them to look through previous comments from other students, in case the question has already been asked. Teachers are also posting videos, announcements and support so check that the information is not already there.  As we get used to working remotely, we may find exciting new ways of supporting students and we will keep you updated on these.

Should I contact someone if my child is ill and unable to work for a prolonged period of time? 

Yes. Please email the if your child is unwell and unable to complete work. Please give their name and tutor group. 

I can’t find the work on Google Classroom, what do I do? 

Your child can post a private comment through the Google Classroom directly to the subject teacher. 

Alternatively, you can email the leadership email for advice. The team will forward your inquiry to the right person during the school hours. 

Will the work my child completes be marked? 

Not necessarily. This depends whether the work is submitted to the subject teacher through Google Classroom as ‘submitted’. The work might also be marked automatically by the learning platform, such as through Tassomai, Seneca Learning, Active Learn etc. 

Where a paper based task was set, it would be beneficial for the student to take a photo of the work and upload it to a Google doc for that subject. More specific guidance on this will be in the ‘instructions’ section of that assigned piece of work, for the individual subjects. 

Can Google Classroom be used as a way for my child to keep in contact with their friends? 

We would encourage any conversation in the classroom to be work related and directed to the teacher. Every time a student comments, the teacher receives an email so please discourage your child from using this platform to have non-academic conversation. At a later date, some teachers may put on video lessons via Google Meets so students will have an opportunity to join in and see their peers that way. 

If the school closure continues, how will I know when new work has been shared? 

Students should log in daily to check their classrooms and they may receive notifications if these are switched on for their school email. The school website and Facebook page will also be updated with information and updates on the school closure. We will not be setting work over the weekends or the Easter holidays but of course, students can use this time to catch up on any outstanding work and to read for pleasure. If your child would like extra work, they can contact their teachers before Friday 27th March and they will gladly set extra! 

If our device or internet stops working, how can my child keep doing school work? 

If you know that the issue is temporary, then please do not worry. Your child will soon catch up. If the issue is more permanent and not likely to be resolved in a day or two, please contact the leadership team email to inform us. We may not be able to help but we will inform teachers and look at alternatives. Please use this as an opportunity to read. 

How can my child access their school email if unsure?

Follow this visual guide:

When will staff reply to emails and set work?

Staff have been asked to schedule work so that it will notify students during school hours 8.45am-4pm. Please expect a few days turn-around.  We will also reply to general emails and subject questions during these hours. If you require an urgent response outside of these hours please use the or