Intent of The Roseland Academy’s Curriculum
Every student at The Roseland is unique with unlimited potential and therefore our curriculum is built to challenge and inspire. Our students will become resilient learners with the knowledge and skills they need to be ready, respectful, safe and kind in the local community and the wider world. 
The curriculum will enable our learners to articulate their learning journey and ensures they are prepared and able to tackle the barriers that may appear on their paths to reaching their potential.
We intend to build lifelong learners by creating opportunities that will maximise life chances in a way which supports positive outcomes for our students.
High aspiration is at the heart of our academy intentions as we are a school where everyone succeeds. This belief is core to our design of curriculum, learning and assessment. Students are challenged equally to achieve their best, either towards ‘Mastering’ at KS3 or the highest GCSE grades at KS4. 
Outstanding teaching and learning is central to everything we do and it is our aim that all students experience the same high quality irrespective of class or year group.
The curriculum we implement is one which is inspiring, ambitious and inclusive, focusing on sequencing a five year learning journey which takes students from their individual starting points to the highest outcomes from which they can succeed at post 16.
The curriculum at The Roseland Academy is designed to offer a broad and balanced range of subjects for all students with Key Stage three designed to offer pathways into next steps of education. This principle of enabling our students to experience every aspect of the curriculum at this stage is important to enable our students to receive the best well-rounded educational experience.
We give every student a broad and balanced curriculum and offer a range of academic and vocational routes with GCSEs and BTECs to maximise the outcomes achieved by each individual. This model also maintains the widest possible choice for progression routes at Post 16 as every student will have a great range of subjects on which to choose future opportunities for education and training.
The timetable is organised in a two week rotation of five one hour lessons per day. Our KS3 is taught through Years 7-9. At the end of Year 9 students choose their Options, and begin their KS4 courses at the start of Year 10.
No Glass Ceilings
We underpin the delivery of our learning using aspects of the Solo Taxonomy. These ideas form the rationale behind the Roseland assessment system (ASK) and ensure challenge for students of all abilities, as each topic develops knowledge and skills for students working at all of the levels. This ensures all lessons have appropriate challenge and no student is left behind. Our students are not labelled with targets or flightpaths based on previous performance instead, they are challenged to be outstanding irrespective of their starting point.
More information can be found under ‘Assessing Progress’ in the menu.
The impact of out outstanding quality of education has been core to the outstanding examination results achieved by all of our students over the past 5 years.
The impact is also evident in our students’ articulation of the learning journey in all subject areas, their classwork and their outcomes.