Safeguarding including Child Protection

No child can learn to anything like their potential without feeling safe and secure, valued, heard and trusted.

The term Safeguarding refers to students’ physical and mental health at home and in school, their well-being and their safety on line.

We know that we have to work in partnership with parents and others in the community in order to make this possible, and like all partnerships sometimes we have to challenge each other. We take parental contact and comment very seriously and we know that you will work with us in a positive manner when/ if we are identifying with you aspects of your child’s life in or out of school which needs to change. In extreme cases we may need to tell you that we have identified a concern which means that we need to seek help and support from Social Care. This always triggers support for the child and their family at various levels from the informal to formal, wherever the concern lies. Our PSA (Parental Support Advisor) is active in providing parents who live on the Roseland the best access to advice, support and guidance which will make the biggest positive difference to their child’s health and emotional well-being.

We are acutely aware that children only have one shot at their childhood and so it has to be right first time. The consequences of not getting it right are too far reaching an often irreversible and lifelong.

We encourage all adults to take responsibility for children’s safety in our communities and to report concerns to school and to the MARU (Multiagency Referral Unit) on 0300 123 1116. This number can also be used to seek advice and guidance.

Safeguarding covers all aspects of life in school. For example, we have a strict visitor policy and regular visitors have to be checked on the police registers before they can have limited access to students. Any less frequent visitors not checked have to be escorted by a member of staff all the time they are on site. This includes parents. Visitors have information about their duties and responsibilities whilst on site at the school and clear guidance as to whom to report if they are not satisfied with any incident or experience of which they become aware. (Visitors’ leaflet here). Our governors too take their safeguarding duties very seriously and provide that ‘Critical Friend’ support we need to keep us sharp. (Tier 1 leaflet here).

Child protection is just one part of the safeguarding tasks in school, and this is managed by all staff through clear monitoring and reporting procedures and by the safeguarding team which includes all the leadership team and in particular, Mr Campbell, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Tame who meet weekly to discuss this aspect of the school’s work. They are also trained to a higher standard in Child Protection and Safeguarding.

Safeguarding also includes health and safety around the site, and there are risk assessments in place, not just for school trips, but also for activities such as sports and science, craft and PE which take place in school as part of everyday lessons.















Students who are injured have a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) which is developed by the PaSS (Parent and Student Support) team and operates to support student movement around the site and/or in the case of a fire for example.

Students are also taught explicitly about various health and child protection risks and ways to keep themselves safe through the PSHE programmes and in lessons themselves. This includes the teaching of explicit British values such as tolerance of difference and the rule of democracy. An environment which supports and applies these values is much more likely to meet students’ social and emotional needs. (British Values statement).

Definition Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behaviour is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.
Here at The Roseland we take bullying seriously. We are proud to introduce our new bullying reporting system called Tootoot. Students can use Tootoot to report issues of bullying and cyber bullying. There is a link to Tootoot on our homepage or click here to visit the site.

Our antibullying policy, positive behaviour can be downloaded here;

Safeguarding has its own separate policy (found here) and staff are trained and undated in behaviours to increase outstanding safeguarding procedures yearly and when there is a significant update.

If you have any comments about Safeguarding at The Roseland Academy you can contact Mr Nick Campbell on 01872 530 675 or email him here or if you are not happy with his response, Mr Challis Headteacher 

To find out more click the link to Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Safeguarding Children Partnership


Operation Encompass

The Roseland Academy is part of Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is a Police and Education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people exposed to domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is the reporting to schools before the start of the next  school day when a child or young person has been involved or exposed to a domestic abuse incident the previous evening.

The information is given in strict confidence to a school’s Key Adult to enable support to be given dependent on the needs and wishes of the child.

Operation Encompass is a Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive charity. We acknowledge and understand the impact of Domestic Abuse as an Adverse Childhood Experience.

Operation Encompass mitigates against the damaged caused by exposure to Domestic Abuse and other ACE’s

To find out more information click here