Internet Safety Tips for Parents

In an ever-growing technical world, please see below posters (please click to enlarge) outlining some of the best top tips about Social Media Applications that are most popular with students from Year 7 up to Year 11.

Some of the Apps highlighted are:
The App Store
Age Rating
Screen Addiction
and questions to how best approach your child regarding their Internet Safety.

We recommend that all social media interactions are monitored and that parents routinely check what sites children are accessing in their free time and with whom they are interacting. Should a child receive any social messages that are unpleasant and or concerning, we strongly advise that students do not respond. Responding inevitably exacerbates and escalates a situation and may put them at risk. Our advice is to screenshot and report to a trusted person in school and or the Police if the messages are of a serious nature.

Whilst every effort will be made to support and advise students in school, Parents need to be aware of their responsibilities in monitoring internet use in their children’s free time.

Introducing Tassomai

Tassomai is a learning program for GCSE Science.

It works by breaking down specific content into bite-sized chunks and producing focus area quizzes for each student.

Students only need to complete a few minutes on Tassomai each day as they will be set daily goals.

This will enable students to regularly keep up with their targets and review the knowledge required for exams.

For more information, please watch the video below:

Please can students in Year 11 sign up to Tassomai before half term, and utilise this program as part of their revision strategy over the week break.

Climate Action Event on Friday 15 February 2019

Dear Parent(s) / Carers(s),

You may be aware of recent publicity around the ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’ event in Truro planned for Friday 15 February.  Please find below, the school’s position on this matter:

Our first priority as a school is always to ensure the health and safety of our young people during school time.  Other than for medical appointments (etc) schools should only agree to absence for ‘exceptional’ circumstances.  Some parents may consider this an exceptional circumstance.  Therefore, if any parent does agree for their child to take part in this event, they would need to contact the school via the normal procedure for reporting absence in advance.  Children who partake in the event will only be released from the school if their parents, or other agreed responsible adult, can collect them from the school to accompany them to the event.  Any such absence will be recorded as ‘authorised’.  We will not permit any student to leave the school site if they cannot be collected by their parents or other agreed responsible adult. As the published start time for the event is 11:00am, we would expect students to attend school in the morning.

The Roseland Academy has an established and active student CAT (Climate Action Team) who are leading a number of initiatives to raise awareness of climate change and undertake direct action in school to reduce our environmental impact. Any student wishing to take part in the event on Friday with parental permission, is additionally requested to write a letter to Mr Challis, outlining how they have contributed to and supported the CAT in past campaigns, and how they will commit time and support with on-site activities this year.

We will be inviting Sarah Newton MP to meet with our CAT and discuss their current projects and concerns about climate change and environmental impact, at the next available opportunity.

Many thanks

The Roseland Academy

Year 9 Family Learning

On Thursday 28 February from 6.00 – 7.30pm, a Year 9 Exam Preparation Family Learning Session will take place at The Roseland Academy. The focus of this session will be to increase the impact and maintain students’ well-being, happiness and academic success, together with their families. These events would not be effective without the enthusiastic and supportive engagement from the families within our Roseland community.

Year 9 students are now preparing for Key Stage 4, and in anticipation of this, we would like to invite you to an evening explaining how we can support you and your son/daughter in the lead up to their Assessments Week that will take place in March.

Year 9 Assessment Week will enable the students to sample GCSE/BTEC qualifications through specific assessment tasks linked to their learning throughout the Year 9 curriculum.

Parent Trustee Election

Three applications have been received for the role of Parent Trustee across The Roseland Multi Academy Trust. Please see attached voting details which is open to all parents of children attending a school within the Multi-Academy Trust. Forms and envelopes are also available at each school’s reception desk. Please take the time to read through the candidates’ statements and place your vote.

Further details are available by emailing the Governance Clerk, Laura Keam.
*please note the correction to a candidate’s surname.

Have a Heart Charity Concert

Everyone is invited to attend our Year 8 ‘Have A Heart’ concert on Wednesday 13th February, a fundraising evening of musical entertainment presented by Year 8 students, who will be giving a range of class and solo performances! There will also be refreshments, a cake stall and a raffle, with all proceeds going towards a new defibrillator for the school. Tickets for this event are available in advance from the school finance office, priced £2.00 each, and any unsold tickets will be available on the door on the night.

Y11 Work update for the Snow Day

Y11 Students please make the most of today for revision and preparation. Most of your subjects and Google classroom and other online resources for you to work on.

ALL YEAR 11 – Please check your Google Classroom for work to be completed today as you would have had an hour of maths. There will either be a 1 hour MathsWatch task (called SNOW DAY TASK) or from Mr Grassby an exam paper to complete (it will be a pdf online and a hard copy will be given on Monday but you can start it now. ) Remember there are 109 days until the first maths exam so please utilise today and treat as a normal school day. Take care Mrs Hudson

ALL of Year 11 have been given work books which includes questions for both Langauge and Literature. Pick a question to answer from the booklet; if you can’t answer it, revise it! Miss Mason

All Year 11 GCSE History students. Use today to log on to the revision website Seneca. I have posted you all an invite via your Google Classroom. All of my students have a practice question to complete for the Weimar and Nazi Germany paper. Miss Ashton.

Yr11 Art – please use the Guide to Annotation in Google Classroom to update exam research – 7 weeks until your exam! Stay warm, Mrs Cottam.

Year 11 French set on Google Classroom. In lieu of todays lesson, use an hour today working through the environment listening and reading that has been set – follow the link. Mrs McGreal

Mrs Buscombe & Miss Colledge’s Science Class:
Remember to complete your homework tasks for this week – they are on google classroom.
Additional tasks for this week: Produce 10 revision cards on rates of reaction, reversible reactions and equilibrium. Include keywords and correct chemical symbols for any chemicals named.
Please bring them to the lesson on Monday.

Thank you and have a good day.

Remaining as one of the Top Performing Schools Nationally

The Government School Performance Tables have been published for this year’s results and The Roseland Academy has maintained it’s position as one of the top performing schools not only in the South West, but also nationally.

For the second year running, the exam results for Progress 8 are well within the 100th highest scores achieved nationally out of a total of 6530 schools.

Huge congratulations to our amazing students and staff. Thank you also our wonderful families and carers for your continuous support of the school.

To see the Performance Tables follow this link.




Y7&8 Family Learning Session 27 September 6pm

Tomorrow at 6pm we are looking forward to welcoming Year 7 and Year 8 students with their families to find out how we use  Google Classroom at The Roseland.

This is part of a series of sessions running through this year for parents and families of our students, aimed at sharing information about how to best support their learning whilst at the Roseland.

All parents, families and Y7&8 students welcome!