Monday 12 March – World Book Day Rescheduled date

World Book day has been rescheduled for Monday 12 March! (following the snow disruption) it is a non Uniform day and students can dress up as their favourite book character. There is a £1 voluntary donation to Book Aid International.

WEDNESDAY 7th MARCH 2018 is World Maths Day

World Maths Day is the largest international online LIVE maths competition for students aged 4 to 18. Students are required to complete 20 games on various levels earning points by answering as many questions correctly alongside other competing students of the same age and ability level. Each live game runs for 60 seconds and students strike out of a game early if they answer 3 questions incorrectly.

During the 48 hour competition a leader board known as the HALL OF FAME records all scores and displays the top 100 students in each year group.

Warm up for World Maths Day has started now. The official competition starts as soon as it March 7th somewhere in the world. (12:00AM Samoa – GMT + 14 hours) and runs for 48 hours.

The competition starts in the UK therefore at 10:00 am on Tuesday March 6th.

Students can continue to play up until March 18th. Students sign in here with a unique username and password. This will be shared with students on Monday.

Once a student logs in there are 3 tabs at the top of the screen. LEARN, PLAY and REVIEW.

If a student wants to practise maths at home they click on LEARN and work their way through lots of quizzes.

From 10:00 am on Tuesday 6th March students can then press PLAY and select a level then compete against students around the world.

All YR 7 and 8 students have been signed up to take part in this competition.

Within the maths department and maths lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday, IT access allowing, students will be able to compete.  If you as a tutor are able to book computers for Wednesday tutor time then students can also take part.

More details can be found at:

Many thanks,

Subita Hudson

Maths Department Teaching Team Leader


Due to current snow conditions and forecast for tomorrow, the school will remain closed. The buses are currently unable to run and this is not expected to change by tomorrow morning. We hope to re-open on Monday.

We hope our students are enjoying the conditions!

Please can Y11 students also continue with their school work and revision. There are many resources that can be accessed online.

many thanks
The Roseland Academy


Dear Parent(s) & Carer(s),
Due to current weather forecasts for tonight and and tomorrow the decision has been made to close the school tomorrow (Thursday).This decision has been taken after much consultation and we are aware a similar decision has also been reached by a number schools in the area.Due to our rural catchment a number of minor roads necessary for school transport are reported as currently icy and this situation is expected to worsen into tomorrow and the safety of everyone in our community must come first.

An update will be made on Thursday with regard to the situation on Friday.

Please can we ask for support in passing this message on to all students and families in our community.

Many thanks
The Roseland Academy

Wednesday 28th February10:40am update SCHOOL NOW CLOSING DUE TO SNOW

Due to worsening weather conditions, the decision has been made to close the school and the buses have been called to pick students up to return to villages.

Parents who are able to pick up are permitted to do so from now. All students must be signed out before they leave the school site.

This has been a difficult decision however due to our rural catchment we have to be proactive. We have sought advice in this decision.

Launching the Plastic Amnesty Week

This week The Roseland Academy held its first Plastic Amnesty Week as part of a campaign organised by the Climate Action Team.

This initiative will form part of a bigger project going on this term, as part of Surfers Against Sewage’s Plastic Free Schools Campaign.

The Climate Action Team kicked off the week with a hard-hitting assembly challenging students to think about the amount of single-use plastic being thrown away in school. The CAT had investigated and found that there were a huge number of plastic bottles and lunch packaging being thrown away, and they explained to the students about how that rubbish could end up in landfill and the ocean, and does not break down like natural materials.

Single-use plastic is an issue which has received high exposure over the past year, in part due to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series, which showed people the impact single-use plastic is having on the ocean and its inhabitants. The Climate Action Team were particularly inspired to act by a clip of an albatross ingesting plastic, and shared the clip with the students in the assembly.

As part of Plastic Amnesty week students were asked to place any plastic rubbish in special bins around the school. These were collected and displayed in the hall; demonstrating to students the volume of plastic being thrown away in a week.

Following the plastic amnesty, the Climate Action Team will be analysing the different kinds of plastic that students have contributed, in order to create a strategy for reducing the amount of plastic waste the school creates.

One student said, “I had no idea of the amount of plastic we throw away as a school. I’ve been very surprised to see how much rubbish there has been in the big bin in the hall! It’s definitely made me think when I’m buying stuff about how much plastic is in the packaging.”

Mr Holmes, Climate Action Team Leader and DT Technician, said “I’ve been very impressed by how proactive the Climate Action Team have been. They did an amazing job in the assembly at the beginning of the week and all the students and staff have really got behind the initiative. I believe that we can make a difference to how much single use plastic is thrown away in school, and over a year this would be a huge reduction in waste!”

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The school is open as normal today. We have reports that some buses are running late but will be arriving. The Gorran Haven bus is currently not running due to conditions in St Stephen (where it starts its journey). We have not had any other reports of bus cancellations however some may be up to 40 mins late arriving.