Start of Term Parental Letter from Mr Challis

27 August 2020

To Parent(s) / Carer(s) / Students

of The Roseland Academy

Dear Parent(s) / Carer(s) / Students

I hope you have had a relaxing summer and students are looking forward to returning to school next week.  We are really looking forward to welcoming back all of our students, and particularly our new Year 7 cohort, as it has been a long time since they have been in school and it will be great to get back into school life and daily routines.

I am writing to provide you with an update following my letter to you at the end of last term regarding the full reopening of The Roseland Academy (available on our website).  Firstly, a reminder of the date changes – Year 7 will start school on Thursday 3 September and all other year groups will commence on Friday 4 September.  This is to allow transition time for our Year 7 students as this was not possible last term due to the closure of schools.  As you have seen, the expectation is that all students will attend school.

Since my last letter, facemasks have been widely discussed across the country in relation to the full opening of schools.  The guidance that has come out from the Department for Education is not helpful as it is passing on the decision- making to individual schools.  The Roseland has made the following decision on the wearing of facemasks.  We expect all students and staff to have a facemask with them daily.  Students must wear their mask on their journey to school if they are on a bus or in a car where two children in the same family are in different year group bubbles.  We are not promoting car sharing at the moment, especially if students are in differing bubbles.  We also expect students to wear their facemask in communal areas inside school, this is important when moving between lessons where different bubbles may pass each other although we have created a system in school to keep this to a minimum.  We are not asking students to wear their facemasks in lessons or in our outside spaces.  If the guidance changes, we will update you at that time.  We have two areas where students can buy and eat their food so no two bubbles will be in contact.  Therefore, facemasks do not need to be worn in the dining hall/eating areas.  Please support us in this decision and ensure that your child has their facemask daily.  It is also important that an appropriate facemask is worn in school and we request no logos, images or slogans.

As in my previous letter, all students must be in their full school uniform which is detailed on our website.  On days where students are scheduled to have their PE lessons we ask that they wear their PE kit to school.  The changing room facilities have been identified as a higher risk area at this time due to their size and ventilation.  They could be used for small groups or teams to change but not year groups presently.  Students can wear their school jumper over their PE kit to keep warm and appropriate tracksuit bottoms.  As we are moving around the outside of school much more often than using inside corridors it would be beneficial for students to have a lightweight waterproof coat.

One of the most important parts of returning to school is around symptoms and testing for COVID-19.  Below is a simple check sheet to follow if this happens.

Personal hygiene is exceptionally important when returning to school.  The school has built bespoke exterior handwashing facilities for all students and staff.  Handwashing before entering the building is necessary for everyone, including visitors.  It is also important that everyone washes their hands regularly throughout the day.  We recommend that all students have their own hand sanitiser but we all need to be aware of the issues of overusing hand sanitiser so we recommend soap and water whenever possible.  All classrooms have sanitizer available to use and we have extra cleaning arranged for the school.

Finally, I want to reassure you about the extensive planning we have been doing to ensure that all students and staff are able to return to The Roseland and experience a safe and positive learning atmosphere.  We have designed a timetable and curriculum that allows all students to experience a normal timetable including specialist lessons such as Science, the Arts and Technology.  This has been a very complicated process but without doubt worthwhile.  However, to ensure that this works we expect the highest levels of courtesy and behaviour upon our return to school.  It will not be possible to run school detentions or internal isolation due to the issues around year group bubbles.

Therefore, poor behaviour that would usual lead to an internal exclusion is likely to be an external exclusion at home.  Behaviour that would normally lead to a detention will be recorded in our tutor dashboards and tutors will communicate with you when a student is receiving these regularly.  I ask that you talk with your child about these expectations.  The Roseland Academy is a very strong community and I want all students to feel safe and supported.  Those who wish to wear their facemask more often will be supported by all.  Every individual has their place and that is valued.  We need to work strongly together, to help each other and most importantly be kind.  Please do read my initial letter as there are very important points in that letter about arriving at school and finishing at 3.05pm.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Chris Challis


A pdf copy of this letter can be downloaded here.

A pdf copy of the Parental Letter from July can be downloaded here.

Information about Results Day 20 August 2020 for Y11 Students, Parents & Carers

Below is a copy of the email that has been sent to all Y11 students, detailing information about Results Day 20 August 2020.

Dear Year 11 Student,

We hope you are well and have managed to have a great summer under the current circumstances.

I am writing to you to confirm the details about how your GCSE and vocational qualification results will be released this year.

Your results will be emailed to your school email account at the earliest time we are allowed, which is 8:00am Thursday 20 August. A paper copy of your results will also be posted to your home address. Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, the school site will not be open to students or staff, so please do not come in to school.

If for any reason you do not receive your results email at 8:00am on Thursday, please email me directly from your school email address so this can be checked.

As you are aware, due to the cancellation of the summer exams this year, the school submitted centre assessment grades as part of a national process overseen by the DfE and Ofqual. More information about the process can be found here:

You are likely to have seen the current media coverage following the release of A level results last week (which used a similar system to that being used for GCSEs). Our thoughts are with you as this has undoubtedly increased your anxiety in what has already been a very difficult year for all of you.

Throughout the process, we have maintained our core principle that our students would not be disadvantaged by the cancellation of the exams. A huge amount of care went into the production of the centre assessed grades to accurately predict final grades had the exams not been cancelled. With the school’s track record of excellent exam outcomes, we remain hopeful that you will receive the results that you deserve.

It would be useful at this stage to familiarise yourself with the current Ofqual guidance about what to do if you have concerns or questions about your grades:

We are following the situation closely and included in your results email on Thursday morning will be the most up to date advice and guidance about what you can do if you do have any concerns about the results you have received. This will include a system for contacting the Leadership Team directly should you wish to.

Best wishes

Richard Clarke

Deputy Headteacher

Update for Year 10 students 03/06/20

Dear Parents/Carers of our Year 10 students. I am sure that you would have seen the update over half term regarding face to face sessions for Year 10 students. The update states that students can return to school from 15 June and limited to 25% of students on a given day. We are now working out a suitable timetable and will write to you once this is finalised. With kind regards, Mr Challis. Headteacher.

Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) Consultation

Dear Stakeholders

Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

From 1 September 2020, regulations come into force which require all schools to follow statutory guidance on the provision of relationships education (primaries only), relationships and sex education (secondaries only) and health education (both). Trusts need to consult on the content of their policy and I am pleased to attach the relevant document for your information.

Under current circumstances and the closure of schools, it is not possible to hold a face to face consultation meeting.  However, we are happy to receive written feedback and comments.  If you wish to provide feedback or speak to a representative from your school, please contact  in the first instance and this will be arranged for you.  Please advise your name, your child’s name, the school they attend.

The consultation period will be open from 18 May until 5pm on 5 June and feedback should be forwarded as above, to .

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Help with accessing Google Classroom

We have had some students and parents asking for help with accessing some of the features of Google Classroom. To help with this we have produced some videos talking through the features of Google Classroom. These can be found on the link below:

Google Classroom Help


Roseland Arts Café needs your pet portraits!

We’ve been so impressed with your recent artwork that we have decided to give you a weekly arts challenge – this week we are asking for your pet portraits, please visit the Roseland Arts Café (link below) or see the attached flyer for more details!

The best animal portraits will be displayed in the online gallery – good luck and we can’t wait to see all your pets!

Please email your portraits to:

Don’t forget to keep visiting the arts café gallery as we’re uploading your artwork daily, and we’re also regularly posting new ideas for music & arts activities to keep your creativity flowing during the lockdown!

Y9 Options website release

Dear Year 9 Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, due to the school closure, we were unable to run the Y9 Options Evening as scheduled. In order to run the Options process remotely this year, we have produced the website below, which holds much of the key information and dates for how the process will run this year. Please can you spend some time checking the website with your son or daughter.

Y9 Options Website 2020

Many thanks

The Roseland Academy

Remote Tutor Sports – Challenge 1: THE CUBE

Mrs Case has been busy working on Remote Tutor Sports resources. The aim is to provide interesting/fun challenges that can be completed at home and for students to work together as a tutor group to climb the leader-board for their year group!

Challenge 1 – THE CUBE!