Photography GCSE

This is an endorsed, specialist option which gives students the opportunity to produce practical work in a range of styles including theme-based photography (portrait, landscape, still-life, reportage), documentary photography, photo-journalism, narrative photography and experimental imagery using media technologies and image manipulation.

The course consists of:

Unit 1: Portfolio of Work

This work is internally set and assessed and is 60% of the total GCSE mark. Students will record ideas and all preparatory work in an online digital sketchbook which is available to purchase from the college. The College will provide cameras and tripods for students to use. They can also be loaned out to students by arrangement with the department technician. It would be useful for students to buy their own SD cards and these can also be purchased through the College.

Unit 2: Externally-Set Task

Students respond to their chosen starting point to produce a personal response. They will have unlimited preparation time followed by 10 hours under examination conditions. This unit makes up 40% of the final mark.