International Baccalaureate

What is it?

The IB is a two year course that many consider as an excellent alternative to A-Levels. It will be attractive if you have enjoyed studying a range of subjects at GCSE and want to continue doing so at an advanced level. It is available through studying at Truro College.

Students study three subjects at Higher Level (H) and three subjects at Standard Level (S). The entry requirements are the same as GCE A-Level: at least 5 GCSE’s at grade C or above, including grade A or B in subjects appropriate to Higher Level options. Most IB students will have achieved good GCSE grades in a large number of subjects.

What are the subject choices?

At present Truro College is offering the following programme of study:

Group 1 Language

  • English Literature (H & S)

Group 2 Modern Language

  • French (H & S)
  • German (H & S)
  • Spanish (H & S)
  • Spanish (Ab initio) (S)

Group 3 Individual & Societies

  • Psychology (H & S)
  • History (H & S)
  • Geography (H & S)
  • Social & Cultural Anthropology (H & S)

Group 4 Environmental Systems & Societies

  • Environmental Systems & Societies (S)
  • Physics (H)
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Biology (H & S)

Group 5 Mathematics

  • Mathematical Studies (S)
  • Mathematical Studies (S) plus A-Level Mathematics

Group 6 Arts & Electives

  • Visual Arts (H & S)

What Next?

Students with an IB are strongly sought after by Universities and employers worldwide. The qualification may enhance opportunities to study and work abroad.

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