Employment with part-time learning or training

What is it?

Some employers offer employment opportunities for young people that involve developing skills and experience through part-time learning and training that the employer organises themselves. This is different to apprenticeships which are nationally recognised training programmes with clear entry requirements and outcomes that must meet national standards.

As an employee you are entitled for the national minimum wage when you are older than school leaving age. There are two rates: one for 16-17 year olds and one for 18-21 year olds.

The qualifications that young people may be able to gain through this route include NVQ’s and industry certificates.

Why choose employment with part-time learning or training?

This option may suit you if you want to start earning straight away but it is important to recognise that value of continuing to gain relevant qualifications as these can lead to higher wages and better opportunities for promotion.

Where will employment with part-time learning or training lead?

Finding a job with part-time learning or training may make it easier for you to progress and get a better job in the future including an apprenticeship.

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