GreenPower Racing

Report by Poppy Loosley, GreenPower megreenpowermber Y8

At the Roseland Academy, there is a variety of extracurricular activities. Clubs such as Green Power incorporate many elements of stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) and include hands on activities and productive work.

Green power meetings are held on Wednesday lunchtimes, and after school. It invites students to build an electric car, and race it at RAF St Morgen. It requires dedication, hard work, and enhances team building skills. It is particularly outstanding to see so many students accepting a challenge with such enthusiasm and enjoyment.

The car has to meet race regulations, as well as be aerodynamic, strong, fast and last throughout two ninety minute races. I am pleased to say that we now have a car that is up, running and ready to race.

I should like to close by thanking all of my fellow team members for their participation, and Mr Seyler for making this project happen, and giving students such as myself an excellent opportunity.


Greenpower powers ahead

Down in the Resistant Materials room, every Thursday after school and Friday lunchtime, a group of hard-working engineers (commonly known as the Greenpower club) have been devoted to building a car fit for the races. Whether it’s creating a battery trolley or fixing on the wheels, all of our engineers, racers and business people have been working at their best to create the perfect vehicle.

So far our Greenpower team, now known as ‘Roseland Racers’, have been sponsored by:

race car manufacturing

race car manufacturing

  • Hewas Water Engineering Ltd
  • Fal Fish
  • Greenpower Education Trust

A number of companies have also given valuable discounts:

  • Mays Country store
  • Truro Fabrics
  • Patrick Sherwood Plastics

We would like to thank all our sponsors as without them this would not have been able to happen.

Green power constructionThe South West regional heat is on the 21st June and we will be taking a team of 11 with 4 spectators and reserve team members.  Whilst we are up against very experienced and long standing teams it is hoped that our success will see the car complete a ‘respectable’ number of laps in this 4 hour endurance race, with a view to improving the car for the next season of racing.

Charlotte Pollard and Maggie Winn – PR and Marketing