Roseland Arts Café Online Gallery

Get Creative… Artwork invited for the Roseland Arts Café Online Gallery!

Our virtual Roseland Arts Café and online gallery is up and running again this term, and we’d love to see some new artwork! Students of all ages and abilities are invited to submit artwork for the gallery, so please send us your latest drawings and paintings, doodles and designs, photography and craft projects! The only limit is your imagination… and to help you get inspired we will be setting a new Creative Arts Challenge next week… so watch this space!


It’s definitely worth taking the time to capture a good quality image of your artwork to show it at it’s best – so here are some tips:

  • Photograph your artwork in a good light rather than in shadow (daylight is best, or near a window)
  • Photograph your artwork from a central point rather than from an angle, taking care not to cut off any corners
  • Make sure the image is in sharp focus

Please email artwork to:

You can view the online gallery and find out about the latest music and art opportunities by visiting the arts café on the link below – and this will be updated weekly as we go through the term.

Update following the Government announcement on 4 January

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following the Government’s announcement yesterday, all schools will now be moving into a longer period of remote learning than had been initially planned and all recent plans to mass Covid test the students are now on hold.

When we have all the information about this new announcement, I will send a further update, including any information we can confirm about the implications for our Y11 students.

Remote learning for all students started this morning and will continue each day with an 8:45am tutor log in ‘live’ Google classroom session, before students start their school work. Please encourage your child to log in.

This is not the start to the term any of us would have wanted and I am truly sorry for that, however we will do everything we can to make it as positive as possible for our students and build on the great Autumn term just passed.

With best wishes.

Richard Clarke

Update on Return to School in January 2021, following the Government announcement on 30 December

31 December 2020

To Parent(s)/Carer(s) of

 Students attending The Roseland Academy

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

 Update on Return to School in January 2021

Firstly, I hope you and your family have had a good Christmas break.

As you will be aware, there was a further announcement by the Government yesterday regarding the return to school in January 2021 and rapid Covid testing. This now updates the previous Government guidance issued at the end of last term, which was explained in our last parental letter dated 18 December.

The Secretary of State for Education has announced secondary schools will extend the staggered return of their students to give more time to plan for the rollout of rapid ‘lateral flow’ Covid testing. It is anticipated that all students will be tested twice in school, prior to their return to full time lessons. The school is currently planning the logistics of this and further details will be released on Monday 4 January.

There are some details that can be confirmed at this stage:

  • During the first week of term (beginning 4 January) the school will be closed to all students for face to face lessons, except provision for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. This provision will be available for eligible children of all year groups from Tuesday 5 January and should be booked via the link that has been emailed directly to parents.  This must be booked by 12:00 noon on Monday 4 January at the latest and we ask that this provision is only used if absolutely essential.


  • Remote learning for all year groups will commence on Tuesday 5 January. Students will access planned work via their Google Classrooms and this will be scheduled at the start of each day based on their timetable. There will be no ‘live’ lessons during the staggered return period, other than tutor time, and students should log-on to their Tutor Classroom at 8.45am each day to register with their tutor.


  • Y11 will return to school full-time from Monday 11 January. (It is anticipated that other year groups will attend for specific days during this week for their Covid testing. The timetable for this will be communicated on Monday 4 January)


  • All other year groups will return to school full-time from Monday 18 January.


  • Planned January exams, both Trial and the scheduled vocational course exams, will continue and it is important that students continue to prepare for these. Students are already aware if they are undertaking these examinations.

During the staggered return period, we ask for your support in ensuring your child continues to access and complete their remote learning for all of their subjects. We are extremely grateful for this support previously and it is clear that students who do engage in their Google Classrooms and work remotely are able to effectively maintain progress in their studies.

We are fully committed to effectively administering the planned Covid testing programme as it has the potential to increase the safety of our students, staff and community. The logistical challenges this will present at an already busy time of year, will require extensive planning, coordination and re-deployment of staff and resources. Whilst we will aim to integrate the testing programme with minimum disruption to our normal processes, your understanding of these additional pressures on our staff during this period is appreciated.

I appreciate there may be further questions at this stage, the school is also awaiting further details about the testing which will be released to us at the start of January. Please do await further updates in our letter on 4 January before contacting the school about the return in January/testing.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Richard Clarke

Deputy Headteacher 

(Headteacher with effect from 1 January)

Christmas Menu

It’s that time of year again! 😋😋

Year groups will be served and will eat in their bubbles.

Parents are asked to pay for this and choose options via the Schoolgateway app, if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, a form will be emailed to you to complete.

If your child would prefer to not have a Christmas Dinner, sandwiches will be available to purchase on the day instead.

Welcome back to students/school telephone line issue

We look forward to welcoming all students back to school tomorrow morning.
Please be aware we have detected an issue with the school phone lines. An engineer has been called but this may still be present in the morning. Contact can still be made via the email address available on the ‘contact’ section on the school website.

Start of Term Parental Letter from Mr Challis

27 August 2020

To Parent(s) / Carer(s) / Students

of The Roseland Academy

Dear Parent(s) / Carer(s) / Students

I hope you have had a relaxing summer and students are looking forward to returning to school next week.  We are really looking forward to welcoming back all of our students, and particularly our new Year 7 cohort, as it has been a long time since they have been in school and it will be great to get back into school life and daily routines.

I am writing to provide you with an update following my letter to you at the end of last term regarding the full reopening of The Roseland Academy (available on our website).  Firstly, a reminder of the date changes – Year 7 will start school on Thursday 3 September and all other year groups will commence on Friday 4 September.  This is to allow transition time for our Year 7 students as this was not possible last term due to the closure of schools.  As you have seen, the expectation is that all students will attend school.

Since my last letter, facemasks have been widely discussed across the country in relation to the full opening of schools.  The guidance that has come out from the Department for Education is not helpful as it is passing on the decision- making to individual schools.  The Roseland has made the following decision on the wearing of facemasks.  We expect all students and staff to have a facemask with them daily.  Students must wear their mask on their journey to school if they are on a bus or in a car where two children in the same family are in different year group bubbles.  We are not promoting car sharing at the moment, especially if students are in differing bubbles.  We also expect students to wear their facemask in communal areas inside school, this is important when moving between lessons where different bubbles may pass each other although we have created a system in school to keep this to a minimum.  We are not asking students to wear their facemasks in lessons or in our outside spaces.  If the guidance changes, we will update you at that time.  We have two areas where students can buy and eat their food so no two bubbles will be in contact.  Therefore, facemasks do not need to be worn in the dining hall/eating areas.  Please support us in this decision and ensure that your child has their facemask daily.  It is also important that an appropriate facemask is worn in school and we request no logos, images or slogans.

As in my previous letter, all students must be in their full school uniform which is detailed on our website.  On days where students are scheduled to have their PE lessons we ask that they wear their PE kit to school.  The changing room facilities have been identified as a higher risk area at this time due to their size and ventilation.  They could be used for small groups or teams to change but not year groups presently.  Students can wear their school jumper over their PE kit to keep warm and appropriate tracksuit bottoms.  As we are moving around the outside of school much more often than using inside corridors it would be beneficial for students to have a lightweight waterproof coat.

One of the most important parts of returning to school is around symptoms and testing for COVID-19.  Below is a simple check sheet to follow if this happens.

Personal hygiene is exceptionally important when returning to school.  The school has built bespoke exterior handwashing facilities for all students and staff.  Handwashing before entering the building is necessary for everyone, including visitors.  It is also important that everyone washes their hands regularly throughout the day.  We recommend that all students have their own hand sanitiser but we all need to be aware of the issues of overusing hand sanitiser so we recommend soap and water whenever possible.  All classrooms have sanitizer available to use and we have extra cleaning arranged for the school.

Finally, I want to reassure you about the extensive planning we have been doing to ensure that all students and staff are able to return to The Roseland and experience a safe and positive learning atmosphere.  We have designed a timetable and curriculum that allows all students to experience a normal timetable including specialist lessons such as Science, the Arts and Technology.  This has been a very complicated process but without doubt worthwhile.  However, to ensure that this works we expect the highest levels of courtesy and behaviour upon our return to school.  It will not be possible to run school detentions or internal isolation due to the issues around year group bubbles.

Therefore, poor behaviour that would usual lead to an internal exclusion is likely to be an external exclusion at home.  Behaviour that would normally lead to a detention will be recorded in our tutor dashboards and tutors will communicate with you when a student is receiving these regularly.  I ask that you talk with your child about these expectations.  The Roseland Academy is a very strong community and I want all students to feel safe and supported.  Those who wish to wear their facemask more often will be supported by all.  Every individual has their place and that is valued.  We need to work strongly together, to help each other and most importantly be kind.  Please do read my initial letter as there are very important points in that letter about arriving at school and finishing at 3.05pm.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Chris Challis


A pdf copy of this letter can be downloaded here.

A pdf copy of the Parental Letter from July can be downloaded here.

Update for Year 10 students 03/06/20

Dear Parents/Carers of our Year 10 students. I am sure that you would have seen the update over half term regarding face to face sessions for Year 10 students. The update states that students can return to school from 15 June and limited to 25% of students on a given day. We are now working out a suitable timetable and will write to you once this is finalised. With kind regards, Mr Challis. Headteacher.