Year 9 Students Win Prizes in ‘Wild Roseland’ Photography Competition 2019


Following a recent Year 9 art project, a selection of student photography was exhibited in the ‘Wild Roseland’ Photography Competition and Exhibition at Gerrans Parish Memorial Hall on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April.

The project was inspired by the theme ‘Our World, Our Planet’ and Year 9 students have been using their photographic skills to capture the impact of man-made materials and pollution on the natural environment, for example the devastating effect of plastics on our local beaches.

The exhibition also featured an exciting range of photography by the wider community, celebrating the natural beauty and bio-diversity of the Roseland area. Our students’ work looked fantastic and drew a lot of positive comments, as well as raising awareness about plastic pollution in and around the Roseland peninsula.

We are delighted to announce and congratulate our three talented prize winners for The Roseland Academy school category: Ciara (third prize), Leela (second prize) and Charlie (first prize) – and as always, we would like to thank the Roseland Festival and Wild Roseland teams for their generosity and ongoing support for the school.

Year 9 Get Creative for the Combined Truro Schools Art Exhibition 2019

Year 9 art classes are busy creating work for the annual Combined Truro Schools Art Exhibition 2019. This successful arts programme, now in it’s 14th year, involves a series of creative workshops which allow staff and students from five secondary schools in the Truro area to collaborate with visiting professional artists, leading to a public exhibition and celebration of their work. The theme for 2018/19 is ‘Our World, Our Planet’ and students have been looking at the environmental impact of plastics and other man-made pollutants on the natural environment.

On Monday 25th March ten Year 9 students from The Roseland Academy joined students from Penair and Truro High School for a printmaking workshop led by local artist Tony Minnion, based at Truro High School for Girls. They enjoyed immersing themselves in the creative process for a whole day, working with a professional artist and learning about screen printing techniques. Working as a team, they designed and produced a stunning series of large fabric banners representing land, sea and sky, inspired by the environmental theme.

On Tuesday 26 March another group of Year 9 students took part in a second printmaking workshop at The Roseland Academy, led by visiting artist Daisy Jones. The work was inspired by a series of photographs on the environmental theme, taken by Year 9 students earlier this term, and they created some fantastic original designs for screen prints which are due to be completed next term.

We look forward to seeing the resultant artwork in the Combined Truro Schools Art Exhibition, which takes place at Truro Cathedral in the summer term. The exhibition will remain open to the public for two weeks, following a prestigious opening ceremony and private view on Tuesday 4th June, to which all Year 9 students and their families will be invited – further details to follow soon!

Internet Safety Tips for Parents

In an ever-growing technical world, please see below posters (please click to enlarge) outlining some of the best top tips about Social Media Applications that are most popular with students from Year 7 up to Year 11.

Some of the Apps highlighted are:
The App Store
Age Rating
Screen Addiction
and questions to how best approach your child regarding their Internet Safety.

Introducing Tassomai

Tassomai is a learning program for GCSE Science.

It works by breaking down specific content into bite-sized chunks and producing focus area quizzes for each student.

Students only need to complete a few minutes on Tassomai each day as they will be set daily goals.

This will enable students to regularly keep up with their targets and review the knowledge required for exams.

For more information, please watch the video below:

Please can students in Year 11 sign up to Tassomai before half term, and utilise this program as part of their revision strategy over the week break.

Parent Trustee Election

Three applications have been received for the role of Parent Trustee across The Roseland Multi Academy Trust. Please see attached voting details which is open to all parents of children attending a school within the Multi-Academy Trust. Forms and envelopes are also available at each school’s reception desk. Please take the time to read through the candidates’ statements and place your vote.

Further details are available by emailing the Governance Clerk, Laura Keam.
*please note the correction to a candidate’s surname.

Y11 Work update for the Snow Day

Y11 Students please make the most of today for revision and preparation. Most of your subjects and Google classroom and other online resources for you to work on.

ALL YEAR 11 – Please check your Google Classroom for work to be completed today as you would have had an hour of maths. There will either be a 1 hour MathsWatch task (called SNOW DAY TASK) or from Mr Grassby an exam paper to complete (it will be a pdf online and a hard copy will be given on Monday but you can start it now. ) Remember there are 109 days until the first maths exam so please utilise today and treat as a normal school day. Take care Mrs Hudson

ALL of Year 11 have been given work books which includes questions for both Langauge and Literature. Pick a question to answer from the booklet; if you can’t answer it, revise it! Miss Mason

All Year 11 GCSE History students. Use today to log on to the revision website Seneca. I have posted you all an invite via your Google Classroom. All of my students have a practice question to complete for the Weimar and Nazi Germany paper. Miss Ashton.

Yr11 Art – please use the Guide to Annotation in Google Classroom to update exam research – 7 weeks until your exam! Stay warm, Mrs Cottam.

Year 11 French set on Google Classroom. In lieu of todays lesson, use an hour today working through the environment listening and reading that has been set – follow the link. Mrs McGreal

Mrs Buscombe & Miss Colledge’s Science Class:
Remember to complete your homework tasks for this week – they are on google classroom.
Additional tasks for this week: Produce 10 revision cards on rates of reaction, reversible reactions and equilibrium. Include keywords and correct chemical symbols for any chemicals named.
Please bring them to the lesson on Monday.

Thank you and have a good day.

Inset Day – Tuesday 25 September 2018. School closed to students

Dear Parent(s) / Carer(s)

Inset Day – Tuesday 25 September 2018

A reminder that The Roseland Academy will be closed to students on Tuesday 25 September as it is a staff training day.

This day has been identified as one of our in-service training (INSET) days. This day will be part of our programme across the year, in which teachers and support staff are continually developing the quality of learning and teaching for our students.

Future closure day information is on the school website fromt page under term dates, in the school calendar and text message reminders will also be sent.

Outstanding Results at The Roseland Academy

This morning students at The Roseland Academy at Tregony enthusiastically opened their results and celebrated their successes with staff, parents and friends.

“I’m overjoyed to announce that our students have again achieved beyond all expectations. This is the third year in a row that the outcomes for The Roseland students are well above the national picture. Our success is down to the hard work and dedication applied by our Year 11 students and the ongoing, unwavering support of our staff at The Roseland Academy,” said Headteacher Mr Challis.

“We’re all tremendously proud of them.”


There were many individual successes among them:
Ciaran celebrated outstanding progress, attaining grade 9 in English Language, 8 in Literature and a 7 in Mathematics which were well beyond his expectations. He said: “I’m overwhelmed with my results.”
Rowan, Jasmine and Jonty impressed staff and peers alike as the highest achieving students. Jasmine said: “I’m really happy, I put a huge amount of work into my subjects and it has paid off.”
Deputy head Mr Clarke added: “These great results are undeniably down to the sheer determination of our Year 11 students and dedicated staff. It’s been a pleasure to watch them grow throughout their school career and we are confident the future is bright for them.”
Jack was also thrilled with his results after receiving a grade 9 in Music along with a series of other high grades. He said: “I’m so pleased to have achieved the highest grade possible in music.”


Mr Challis added: “All our Year 11 students have been a pleasure to teach and it’s heartwarming to see everyone so excited, especially as many exceeded their own expectations. They should all feel extremely proud of themselves, just as all members of staff at The Roseland Academy are proud of them.”


“As we say our final goodbyes to the class of 2018, we wish them a fantastic rest of the summer and the best of luck in the future; be it in further education, work or travel.”







The Roseland Academy Raises £500 for Cornwall Air Ambulance

Yesterday Charlie presented Cornwall Air Ambulance with £500, which was raised through our non-uniform day last term.

He had an opportunity to talk to one of the helicopter pilots about how the air ambulances work and what it’s like to fly one.

Thanks to everyone who helped raise the money!

Record Breaking Exam Results

2017 Examination Results

Delighted students of The Roseland Academy received their GCSE results today in front of their proud parents and teachers, with the school celebrating another year of great results.

Headteacher, Chris Challis, praised students for their “fantastic” results, stating, “The Academy would like to congratulate all our Year Eleven students for their successful 2017 examination results. They have been the first cohort through the new reformed GCSEs in English and Maths and have excelled themselves across all of their subjects. We are delighted that our students have been rewarded with results of which they can be proud.  This is down to their hard work, effort, and commitment whilst at The Roseland.”

“We are thrilled with this year’s results and would like to extend congratulations to all of our students, staff and their families who have supported them throughout this school year. Huge congratulations to them all!”

While the overall performance of our Year 11 cohort has been very impressive, some individual successes are especially noteworthy: Amelia Guest achieved seven A*s and three Grade 9s, the new highest English and Maths grade, whilst Jago Bayley received seven A*s or equivalents and two grade 9s. Jago also achieved the maximum possible marks for his Geography GCSE.

“It is wonderful to see the celebration today, with the students and staff alike being rewarded for all of their exemplary hard work. We are over the moon to see, once again, some of our best ever results not only from the highest achievers, but also from the students who have exceeded their own expectations.” said Richard Clarke, Deputy Head at The Roseland Academy.

“We are very excited to be sending this year’s leavers off to colleges, Sixth Forms and apprenticeships, knowing that they will continue to strive for excellence in whatever comes next. We will continue to follow their progress with enthusiasm.” Mr Clarke continued.

Mr Challis added “The exceptional grades we have seen today represent the culmination of 5 years of hard work, and show that our Academy continues to prepare students for the future challenges of A-Levels, university and their eventual career.”

The Roseland Academy has again delivered strong performance across all of our faculties. Last year our students excelled and achieved record results for the Roseland. It looks like this year the bar has been raised again. This is particularly pleasing as the English and Mathematics teams have been delivering the new reformed and tougher GCSE specifications. The students have taken this in their stride and excelled again.

Click here to view more pictures from the day


See below for reporting on our 2016 Examination Results


sWe are proud to announce that in the recently released Department of Education school league tables, we are top of Cornwall for the Progress 8 score, achieving a figure of 0.53. This measure compares students’ best 8 GCSE/BTEC grades against the national average. This figure is exceptionally high and puts the 2016 performance of The Roseland Academy students within the top 10% of schools nationally.

This fantastic achievement is testament to the dedication of our hard working staff, our high standards, and our wonderful students – we are very proud of all of them!

To see the 2016 schools performance tables click here

We are exceptionally proud to have received a personal letter from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, for our outstanding examination results.


NEWS about our 2015 Exam Results….

The Education Endowment Foundation produces databases to help understand how the performance of Roseland Academy students compares with other similar schools across the country.

We are extremely proud that in our group of 50 similar schools, we feature at the top of the various performance measures, including the respected 3 year average for exam results.

Don’t just take our word for it! Please read more here