Autumn Term Information 2020

We look forward to welcoming all our students for the start of term in September!

We are pleased to be welcoming students to a full return of all year groups in September. Much careful planning has been undertaken to take into account guidance on safe procedures for all activities on the school site. Students will be fully informed of all new social distancing and hygiene procedures when they start the term, and further updates will be sent to parents. All students travelling on the school buses or taxis will need to wear a mask. The current guidance is that these do not need to be worn in school. Additional hand washing facilities have been installed and students will be directed to these as they arrive on their first day. Extended tutor times will be used to explain and demonstrate all the hygiene measures that are in place.

This year our new Y7 students will have their first day of term on Thursday 3 September. The school buses will be running their normal schedule and any parents dropping students off should plan for students to arrive by 8:30am. (Please note that for safety reasons, drop offs and pick ups cannot be from the school site or bus bay. Most parents find the road down to Tregony suitable for this.)
Staff will be on duty from the start of the school day to greet the students as they arrive and direct them to the hand washing facilities. The the Y7 students will have opportunity to meet their new tutor groups, tour the site, plus lots of extra activities as well as start their new timetables.
All other year groups start their school year on Friday 4 September.  Students will be met and directed to their appropriate entrances and hand washing facilities as they arrive in school. There will be an extended tutor time for students to receive their new timetables and learn and discuss the additional hygiene measures that will be in place.
We look forward to seeing you all soon!