The Roseland Academy is proud to be an inclusive school with a dyslexia friendly status, where students of all abilities achieve successful outcomes.
We strongly believe that all of our students are independent and unique individuals. We have no ‘glass ceilings’ or limits to their choices or ability. Our teachers are the professionals who ultimately make the decisions that allow our students to progress and achieve the exceptional outcomes that they do. We do not believe in labeling or ‘pigeon holing’ students by ability or need based on the judgements of others. Each student is provided with the chances and opportunities they need to achieve their potential.
Students requiring extra help with their learning are supported through a variety of strategies and staff through the school day under the coordination of the SENDCo, Mrs Lenka Chanter, Assistant Headteacher.
Further information regarding SEN information can be found in our SEN Policy and Information Report, downloadable from the Documents section of the website.