Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the expression of The Roseland Academy’s┬ácontinuing concern for the individual’s integrity and welfare. As we are a relatively small school, we know all our students as individuals. and pay a great deal of attention to their welfare and are always ready to help anyone in difficulty.

The school is divided into five years and in each year group there are five tutor groups. The form tutor is responsible for all matters concerning the students in the tutor group.

Each year group also has a Learning Leader who is responsible for the Academic and social progress of individual students. The Deputy Headteacher also aids the tutors and Learning Leaders.

We track progress in each subject and arrange mentoring, encouragement, support or counselling to enable students to meet their own expectations and those of their parents.

In the best interests of the students, it is essential that there is a good and trusted means of communication between home and school.

Any changes in home circumstances will affect the student’s work, and difficulties may lead to a change in behaviour at home. In most instances, the form tutor should be the first point of contact. The form tutor will know each student in the tutor group well and will be able to advise on social and academic progress. If necessary, the tutor will refer the matter to the appropriate Learning Leader or Deputy Headteacher.

Duty of Care: We have a Duty of Care to all students. If necessary, in order to fulfill the Duty of Care we may need to make a referral to an outside agency. In the case of a safeguarding concern and in order to fulfill our legal requirements, this would be a mandatory referral to the Child Protection Duty Officer at County Hall.