Medical Information

It is essential that we are informed of any aspects of medical history that could have significance on your child’s day to day activities in School.

It is important that we know if any student is regularly taking any prescribed medication. All medicines must be left in the medical room where only those students for whom they are prescribed will have access to them. Staff will not normally administer medicines without written permission and signed instructions from parents.

We only dispense paracetamol to students who have written permission from a parent/carer.

Your child should carry his/her own asthma inhaler and keep a spare in the medical room.

Our first aiders have been requested not to use any antiseptic creams or ointment for minor cuts and abrasions.

If a student has a medical or dental appointment in college time the appointment card should be shown to the form tutor. Students must sign out at the office and sign in when they return.

College Asthma Care Plan

You will be pleased to know that the college takes its responsibility to students with asthma very seriously, and has an Asthma Policy to enable all staff members to help your child. Please contact the school, if your child suffers from asthma, so that we can send you details of our college asthma care plan.