College System

The student population at The Roseland Academy is grouped into five Colleges:

  • Pendower
  • Gorran
  • Carne
  • Summers
  • Towan


Each tutor group in each year group is attached to a different college. Every year the students within each college elect College Captains and Sports Captains: Year 10 & 11 students who work with the Heads of College to lead the colleges, run assemblies and help with the organisation of college events.

Every year, a range of competitions are held within the school, including sports day. All of these competitions are inter-college and students have the opportunity to win reward points for their college P1040266simply by taking part, as well additional points for the winners. Non-sporting events, such as The Junior Apprentice competition, for Year 7 English, also allow students to win points for their college.The colleges are closely tied in to The Roseland’s rewards system. Students have the opportunity to receive reward points every lesson for following our code of conduct. Additional points are available for participation in extra-curricular or community events, representation of the school in sporting events, receiving letters of commendation and exceptional contributions during lessons.


Reward points contribute towards the end of year college competition where the winning college will enjoy a rewards day.