e-safety – Staying Safe on the Internet

360_safeThe internet is a fantastic learning resource. It provides a wealth of information that can support students on their learning journey and offers a range of collaborative tools such as wikis, blogs and forums where they can share and discuss. For some parents the internet can be confusing and this confusion, backed up by press reports, can make the internet seem a dangerous place.

We hope that these links will help to provide some guidance and support on how to support your child’s use of the internet in such a way that they are kept safe but their learning is not hindered.

At The Roseland Academy we take Internet safety very seriously. We have three members of staff who have received training from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) agency. Internet safety is covered as part of ICT in Years 7 and 8 and in other years through assemblies. Our internet access is filtered and logged to prevent inappropriate access. The school email operates as a closed system with Gsuite.

Useful links


SelfieCop is an app that protects children and teens from dangers of sexting and selfies.
SelfieCop works by emailing parents a copy of every photo or video taken on the child’s smartphone or tablet. This includes photos and videos captured by popular social networking apps, such as:

  • SnapChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

SelfieCop deters unsafe behaviour by making children STOP and THINK… “Do I really want Mum & Dad to see me like this?!”

How SelfieCop works

  • Step 1: Download & install SelfieCop onto your child’s phone or tablet.
  • Step2: Enter an email address to which copies of images will be sent.
  • Step 3: Lock the app with a password (so the child cannot disable it).

That’s it! From then on, the parent will be emailed a copy of photo or video taken on their child’s smartphone or tablet.
One last thing – you must always tell your child that SelfieCop is installed. The aim is not to spy on them, but to teach them to stay safe. SelfieCop can only deter unsafe behaviour if your children know it is installed. SelfieCop is not SpyWare.
For more information click here

for more information click here


NSPCC: Sexting: Advice for parents about talking to your child about creating, sending or receiving explicit images

Childnet International: This website covers a wide range of issues from the internet to mobile phones. http://www.childnet-int.org/

Childnet International: Know IT All. This is the online version of the DVD that was sent to all parents.http://www.childnet.com/kia/parents/cd/

Kidsmart: A project supported by Childnet International. We use some of the resources from this website as part of our PSHE program http://www.kidsmart.org.uk/

CEOP: The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is part of UK police and is dedicated to protecting children from sexual abuse wherever they may be. As mentioned earlier, we have three members of staff who have undertaken the CEOP training.http://www.ceop.gov.uk/

ThinkUknow: This is the educational arm of CEOP. We also use some of their materials as part of our program.http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

DfE Advice for parents and carers on cyberbullying