Academy Dress Code

We are very proud of our uniform which was updated several years ago in collaboration with students, parents and staff.

The Roseland Academy expects every student to maintain high standards of appearance at all times, both when in school or representing the school in public.

Our uniform supplier is Keywear who are based in Truro.

All information is available on their website


  • Shirt/blouse plain white school shirt with either short or long sleeves – tucked in at all times unless designed to be worn outside. Compulsory.
  • Trouser/Skirt plain black smart formal full length trousers or The Roseland tartan school skirt. Compulsory.
  • Shorts – formal, plain black. Optional all years.
  • Tie The Roseland tartan clip-on school tie. Compulsory.
  • Blue V neck jumper and/or slipover with embroidered Roseland logo Years 7, 8 and 9 only. Compulsory.
  • Black V neck jumper and/or slipover with embroidered Roseland logo Years 10 and 11 only. Compulsory.
  • Black jacket with embroidered logo Separate styles for boys and girls. Optional all years –
  • Shoes Plain black low-heeled formal shoes with black soles – no boots, trainers, casual shoes or shoes with high heels – no coloured laces, brand logos or markings NO VANS/NO VANS STYLE TRAINERS (Vans style includes any skate type shoe with the band of rubber around the sole). Compulsory
  • Socks Below knee length plain black or white socks. Compulsory (unless tights are worn)
  • Girls’ Tights plain black or natural – no patterns. Compulsory (unless socks are worn)
  • Coats Outdoor coat – please consider warmth and visibility for winter months – hoodies, sweatshirts or jumpers are not considered an alternative to an outdoor coat. (No outdoor garments including gloves, hats and scarves are to be worn in school) Optional
  • Hair Should be clean, tidy and of a natural colour. Long hair should be tied back when requested for health and safety reasons.Unnatural colours and extreme hairstyles will not be permitted.
  • Make-up and jewellery Make-up, including nail varnish, is not to be worn – all jewellery is prohibited for health and safety reasons, except for a wrist watch and/or one plain small stud in each ear – BODY PIERCING OF ANY OTHER TYPE IS INAPPROPRIATE.

Please label all Clothing


PE Dress Code

PE kit – Compulsory



  These bundles and other The Roseland items are available from our school shop on the A-Game website.


Health and safety equipment:

To ensure the safety of all students, the following equipment will also be required:

  • Gumshield

  • Shinpads

  • Studded boots

  • Trainers

  • Hairband for long hair

Gum shields are highly recommended for Football Rugby and Hockey lessons and are compulsory when competing for the school.

Cornish weather alert……optional extras!

We go outside whenever possible and students may also wear the following extra clothes in inclement weather. These items can be purchased form the shop of your choice.

  • Wooly/beany hat,

  • Navy blue Sweatshirt,

  • Navy blue Waterproof top,

  • Gloves

  • Navy blue or black sports trousers.

The school remains the arbiter of what is considered appropriate.