About The Roseland Academy

The Roseland Academy is a strong community that works together with every member supporting each other. We are a small rural school with high aspirations and big ideas. The fact that we know and understand all of our students as well as we do enables us to forge a unique environment where everyone flourishes.  We achieve exceptional outcomes for our students and in September 2017 we were graded as Outstanding in all areas by Ofsted.

Our Ethos

“The Roseland Multi-Academy Trust, Where Everyone Succeeds”

Our main aim is to foster an ethos in which every individual matters equally. Students are encouraged to aim high, achieve excellence and be happy through a creative, personalised curriculum with the meeting of individual needs and the development of emotional intelligence at its heart.

We also aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for vocational and real life learning. We see creativity as a vital part of each student’s experience in our academy and use creative methods of learning and teaching to raise student attainment and achievement to new levels.

Our Values

We maintain an excellent atmosphere of a safe, well-disciplined school where adults and young people work harmoniously together to create a very positive learning environment. We are sensitive to the needs of all our students.

We believe that the all-important partnership of students, staff, parents, trustees and governors working together within our community in a supportive environment will ensure the best outcomes for all the young people in our care.

The school is proud of the outstanding progress students make from their entry at eleven years of age to their readiness for further education and training at the age of sixteen. The agenda for the school is one of continuous improvement.

To be successful, a school that meets the needs of all its students and serves its wider community cannot act in isolation. We are fully committed to developing and strengthening our links within our MAT,  with our partner primaries across the Roseland Peninsula and our neighboring secondaries in Cornwall and beyond.

The academic progress for all students demonstrates that achievement has never been higher, yet the focus of staff year on year is to better the success of the past. The school wishes to be an organisation committed to listening to others and to build its success using the collective expertise of all those who have a stake in its development.

Our Mission Statement

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Our Results

We are exceptionally proud of the examination results achieved by our Year Eleven students. We are consistently one of the top performing schools in the South West.