Year 11 Trial Exams: January 2020 Year 11 Enterprise & Marketing and IT Real Exams: January 2020

Dear Parent(s) and Carers(s)

As you will be aware, we are fast approaching our next milestone in the Year 11 academic year, the Trial Exams, which will start during the first week in January. During this period some students will also undertake their real exams, as detailed above.

For the Trial Exams, the normal timetable will be collapsed and students will take trial written examinations in the majority of their subjects. This is an extremely important time for our students and we ask for your support in preparing your son/daughter over the coming few weeks.

The marks from the examinations will be used to provide a current grade, and also inform both staff and students with a detailed picture of the individual topics and areas that will require further revision and targeted support over the Spring term.

This detailed and accurate information is crucial as we prepare for the final examinations later in the year. A huge amount of staff time and resources are invested in the trial examinations. We therefore expect our students to be fully prepared and have put in place an appropriate revision programme beforehand. For students to undertake the examinations and expect their teachers to mark papers that they had been unprepared for would be a major wasted opportunity.

Students have been given information by their subject teachers about how and what to prepare for in their examinations.

This will include activities such as:

 Reading class notes.

 Using revision guides and workbooks.

 Accessing online resources such as Google Classroom, GCSEPod, MathsWatch and Educake.

 Making revision cards/mats/notes.

Below is a copy of the Trial/Exam timetable:

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