Internet Safety Tips for Parents

In an ever-growing technical world, please see below posters (please click to enlarge) outlining some of the best top tips about Social Media Applications that are most popular with students from Year 7 up to Year 11.

Some of the Apps highlighted are:
The App Store
Age Rating
Screen Addiction
and questions to how best approach your child regarding their Internet Safety.

We recommend that all social media interactions are monitored and that parents routinely check what sites children are accessing in their free time and with whom they are interacting. Should a child receive any social messages that are unpleasant and or concerning, we strongly advise that students do not respond. Responding inevitably exacerbates and escalates a situation and may put them at risk. Our advice is to screenshot and report to a trusted person in school and or the Police if the messages are of a serious nature.

Whilst every effort will be made to support and advise students in school, Parents need to be aware of their responsibilities in monitoring internet use in their children’s free time.

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