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Forthcoming Events

For a detailed breakdown of all school events for the week ahead, including all revision and extra-curricular events, please download our latest weekly bulletin.
To find out more about our varied activities and clubs on offer please click here.
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Learning Aim visible and discussed; Learning Achievement discussed and shared at various stages; references to Literacy and Numeracy.
Book sampling. Please bring with you several exercise books as it is a great opportunity to share what we do.
This week’s emphasis from the school’s Code of Conduct is considerate behaviour in and around examination areas.
To be completed in tutor time. Click here for this week\'s problem and the leader board.
Click here to find out more information about the project.
Starting on 17 January, for a 9-week period, groups of Years 8, 9 and 10 students will be undertaking Healthy Relationship training.
Please click here to view the timetable.