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Coming Soon World Book Day @ TRMAT
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Forthcoming Events

For a detailed breakdown of all school events for the week ahead, including all revision and extra-curricular events, please download our latest weekly bulletin.
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T&L Forum will evaluate Magpie ideas and discuss how best to demonstrate T&L in Leadership Team lesson observations.
Book sampling. Please bring with you several exercise books as it is a great opportunity to share what we do.
This week’s emphasis from the school’s Code of Conduct is remembering to bring in all relevant equipment for lessons, including PE kit, and wearing correct school uniform.
To be completed in tutor time. Click here for this week\'s problem and the leader board.
Starting on 17 January, for a 9-week period, groups of Years 8, 9 and 10 students will be undertaking Healthy Relationship training.
Please log in to book appointments via the link on this web page.
Click the link to see the timetable of revision classes
Fairtrade Fortnight more information to follow!
Events will be happening throughout the MAT to celebrate WBD