Admissions 2015-18

Roseland Sheild wave black outlineWe are a popular and oversubscribed secondary school serving students and their families across the Roseland Peninsula and beyond. The pupil admission number (PAN) for all years is generally 120 and this is the case for our new Y7 in the academic year starting September 2016.

School Admissions are managed by the Admissions Department of Cornwall Council. Their website  can be found here.

We welcome any prospective parents to contact us to find out about the school and current vacancies.

The college policy for admissions can be found under our Documents section.   An outline of the policy is given below:

If a child with a statement of special educational needs has the name of a maintained school or college specified in his / her statement, the child must be admitted to that school or college.

For all other children the following priority order will be used to decide which children should occupy any vacant places in Year 7 at a secondary college at the beginning of the Autumn Term:

  1. Children in care and previously looked after children.
  2. Children who live in the designated area of the preferred school or college, or who can provide evidence that they will be living in the designated area of the preferred school or college by the beginning of the Autumn Term. If there are more designated area children of the “correct” age wanting places at a school or college than there are places available, criteria 3 to 7 below will be used to decide which of these children should have the priority for admission. If there are still places available after all the designated area children of the “correct” age have been allocated places criteria 3 to 7 will be used to decide which of the remaining children should have priority for any spare places.
  3. Children with an unequivocal professional recommendation from a school medical officer or educational psychologist or social worker (in the case of children in public care) that non-placement will produce medical (in the case of a doctor) or psychological (in the case of a psychologist) or other (in the case of a social worker) harm.
  4. Children with siblings who will still be attending the preferred school or college at the time of their admission.
  5. Children attending a primary school maintained by the Local Education Authority whose designated area is contained within or forms part of the designated area of the preferred secondary school or college.
  6. Children for whom the preferred secondary school or college is geographically nearer than the designated school or schools. (This criterion is not applicable in cases where there are more children in the designated area than places available).

* Domestic reasons.

* These reason(s) must relate directly to attendance at the preferred school or college, e.g. proximity to a parent’s place of work, proximity of relative or other person providing after-school care, sibling already attending another school or college nearby, etc. An intention to move into an area is not acceptable under this criterion without firm evidence of a new address and moving date, such as a copy of a house purchase contract or lease.

If you are planning to move into the designated area of a school, your application for a place for your child at that school or college will not be given the priority accorded to designated area pupils without firm evidence of your new address and moving date.

 If you would like any guidance on Admissions please contact the school.