Y11 Easter Revision sessions in school


To those who have not yet responded, if your son/daughter would like to attend any sessions over Easter, please e-mail the member of staff running that session – e-mail addresses below.

(Booking sheets for revision after the Easter holidays may be handed in when school re-opens).

Miss Mason bmason@theroseland.co.uk

Mrs Hudson shudson@theroseland.co.uk

Mrs Taylor ntaylor@theroseland.co.uk

Miss Burnard eburnard@theroseland.co.uk

Miss Capron scapron@theroseland.co.uk

Mr Seyler dseyler@theroseland.co.uk

Mr Davidson idavidson@theroseland.co.uk

Mrs McGreal smcgreal@theroseland.co.uk

Mrs Chanter lchanter@theroseland.co.uk

Mr Harris pharris@theroseland.co.uk

Mrs Cottam jcottam@theroseland.co.uk

Many thanks.


Dear Parent/Carer

In order to maximise students’ success in their GCSE exams we are running revision workshops over the Easter holidays. We strongly recommend that all students make full use of all sessions offered to them.

Easter Holidays Revision and Exam Preparation – 3rd April – 13th April 2018

Date Day Subject Room Time Teacher
3rd April Tuesday Maths  – Set 2– (Box Plots/Histograms/plus Grade 6) Maths 10-12 Mrs Hudson
3rd April Tuesday Maths – Set 4 (Grades 3/4/5) Maths 12-2 Mrs Hudson
3rd April Tuesday Maths Set 3 (Grades 4/5) Maths 10-12 Mr Grassby
3rd April Tuesday Maths – Set 1 (Grades 7/8/9) Maths 12-2 Mr Grassby
5th April Thursday Photography – all students ELC 9-4 Miss Capron

Mr Seyler

6th April Friday Drama  – exam performance rehearsal – all students Hall 10-2 Miss Burnard
10th April Tuesday Spanish – Foundation – all 4 skills revisited, including Speaking Exam Rehearsal Room 2 10-1 Mrs Chanter
11th April Wednesday Spanish – Higher – all 4 skills revisited, emphasis on Speaking Exam Rehearsal Room 2 10-1 Mrs Chanter
11th April Wednesday French – all 4 skills revisited; emphasis on Speaking Exam Rehearsal Room 1 10-12.30 Mrs McGreal
11th April Wednesday French – all 4 skills revisited; emphasis on Speaking Exam Rehearsal Room 3 10-12.30 Mr Davidson
11th April Wednesday English – Paper 1 – all invited


4/13 1-3 Miss Mason
12th April Thursday Geography – Paper 3 – all welcome 14 10-1 Mr Harris
13th April Friday Art – Component 2 – exam preparation – all students 28 11-2.30 Mrs Cottam

If you wish your son/daughter to attend, please download the attached consent form and return to Reception by Thursday 29 March. Click here to download a copy of the form.

Students must enter school via the student entrance and sign in on arrival. They need to be warmly dressed and bring refreshments, as all catering facilities will be closed. Each revision day will focus on different GCSE aspects. The exam season commences on 14th May, which is the first day of the examination season.

We would expect students attending to conduct themselves in a positive and appropriate manner and follow the teacher’s instructions at all times for their safety.

Thank you for supporting your son/daughter in achieving their best GCSE grades possible. Kindly complete the booking sheets attached to confirm your son’s/daughter’s attendance. There are separate booking sheets for Easter and Weekends/May Half-term.  Please return these to Reception.

Kind regards,

Lenka Chanter (Mrs)

Assistant Headteacher

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